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7 Best Tips To Elevate Your Hijab Fashion Look

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Who says that Muslim women cannot look good with hijab fashion? Over the years, Muslim women have adapted, and they make sure that they can be fashionable while fulfilling their religious obligations at the same time. There are many ways to wear a hijab in a fashionable way. By considering a simple color coordination, you can elevate your hijab to a very classy and elegant look. Honestly, the options are so many. You just need to be creative.

Many hijabs these days incorporate designs from the West so that they can keep up with the latest fashion trends. Now, there are many variations of materials and colors used for hijab. It can be very simple or very detailed, depending on how you want them to be.

Here are 7 best tips on how you can elevate your look with hijab fashion.

#1. Tie it with a small bow in the corner

This might be a small detail, but it can do wonders for your overall look. Tying it and creating a bow out of it can eliminate the loose ends of your hijab, thus creating a small dainty detail for your overall look.

#2. Pair it with a hat

Hijab paired with a hat can be done, especially if you are at a beach and want to protect yourself from the sun. A good hat, plus a neutral colored hijab is actually a classy and elegant pair so you don’t have to worry about its style.

#3. Pair it with a hairband

Hijab covers your hair with a headscarf. But don’t let this prevent you from wearing a hairband. Depending on how you want to look, there are many hairbands to choose from to pair with your hijab. You can either be playful or elegant, depending on the hairband of your choice.

#4. Pair it with long coat

Hijab paired with a long coat is a very sophisticated look. It makes you look like you can run the world. To complete the whole look, pair it with skinny jeans and a classy top, then top it off with killer heels. This combination can make you look like a fashion diva in an instant.

#5. Style it with turban

Turban is another way to cover your head. You can pair it with your hijab to have a more experimental and fresher look. Just make sure that the pair you choose are coordinated. You don’t want to have a turban and hijab that are contrasting to each other.

#6. Large shades

Wearing your hijab with a large shades can instantly make your hijab look high fashion. For the overall look, pair it with your best street style wear. Who says you cannot ramp a street wear while in hijab?

#7. Glittery and maxi abaya

Pair your glittery and maxi abaya with a classy hijab to achieve that royalty look. This style is elegant and it’s where style meets modesty.

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