style your abaya

How to Style Your Abaya

Every time you hear the word abaya, the first thing that probably comes to mind is that plain dress in black color. But, for the Muslims, the significance of abaya goes beyond simple clothing and fashion. For starters, abaya is not necessarily a dress per se. Instead, it is a ...
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fashionable abaya

How Muslim Women Can Empower Themselves with Fashionable Abaya

Here’s how you can get your desired Fashionable Muslim clothing fast, easily and at the best prices,  check out here ➡️ Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with nearly 1.6 billion followers and counting. Yet, there are still many Muslims being discriminated and ostracised, simply for ...
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Where to Find Cheap Abayas Easily

Muslim women have so much variety available in their clothes that it sometimes becomes rather daunting to find a perfect dress. Muslim women can wear western clothes as well as traditional clothes. It is impossible to enlist the different varieties of clothes that are available in these two categories. For ...
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Tips to Consider Before you Buy Abaya For Sale

A major factor that Muslimah fail to take into account while revamping their wardrobe is fitting and comfort. While western garments are supposed to be tight and body hugging, Muslim clothes are suppose to be loose fitting and flowy. This provides them with grace and beauty. Body-hugging clothes are not ...
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stylish abaya

Suitable Stylish Abaya For Different Events 

There is hardly anyone in this world who does not like to dress up. Every woman, whether Muslimah or not, wants to dress up, look good and of course feel good. However, not many women know what to wear, how to wear and when to wear. Many women often wear ...
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Best Choices for Abaya Online Shopping

Muslimah women are truly blessed because they have a lot of options available as far as clothes are concerned. They look equally good in simple western garments as well as elegant Muslimah fashion. One thing that worries Muslimah a lot is the lack of variety that is available locally or ...
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How To Wear Accessories To Complement your Abaya Clothes

It is always advisable to strike a balance between your abaya dress and your accessories. For instance, if you plan to wear a heavy abaya or a bold abaya of colors such as magenta, maroon or scarlet, it is advised to avoid wearing heavy jewelry. Instead, compliment it with some ...
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Best Abaya Dress to Wear for Different Occasions

One of the prettiest and stunning dresses a Muslimah can wear is an abaya dress. Abayas are not only pretty, but they are also extremely practical and look really nice on women of any age or size. They are often shaped like western gowns that make them suitable for almost ...
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Refreshingly Pretty Abaya Online for Muslimahs

Abayas are some of the prettiest and most refreshing dresses that a Muslimah can wear. Abaya is regal, elegant and looks rich. It is also extremely comfortable and if paired with the right accessories can look chic. Many women are always on the lookout to buy new and exciting abayas, ...
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The Season of Flowers: Floral Abaya & Burkini

As Chaucer has said, April is the sweetest month, and sweet it indeed is as April and its sister March are the months’ spring in many regions of the world. Spring is the harbinger of beauty, grace and rejuvenation. While all seasons are lovely, this one deserves a special mention ...
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Muslim Summer Fashion Styles You Should Order Now

Muslim summer fashion styles are very colourful. Define your wardrobe by browsing through our collection full of vibrant colours, exquisite patterns, and sophisticated cuts. Muslim Summer Fashion Styles Main Wardrobe During the summer, fire trees and red flowers such as marigolds and geraniums grow in full bloom. Stock up on ...
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Eid Fashion Styles for Muslim Women around the World

Here’s how you can get your desired Eid Fashion clothing fast, easily and at the best prices, check out here ➡️ Eid fashion differs around the world. Muslim women from various parts of the world celebrate the end of Ramadan by wearing distinct wardrobe styles. While ornate hijabs, abayas, ...
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hijab & abaya

Pastel Hijab & Abaya Colors for a Dainty Summer Look

Pastel colors look beautiful on women, especially during spring and summer.  Colors like powder blue, baby pink, and mint green imbibe happiness and a youthful spirit. Pastel colors symbolize a spirit of adventure, that is why they match the adventurous seasons of spring and summer. There are different ways that ...
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Abayas in Beautiful Floral Designs for You to Wear

Abayas are wardrobe staples in a Muslim woman’s closet. Wearing an abaya is part of a Muslim woman’s identity. It is one of the ways that they celebrate their femininity distinctly. Up until a few years ago, abayas only came in one design and in the color black. Now, there ...
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