Abayas in Beautiful Floral Designs for You to Wear

Abayas are wardrobe staples in a Muslim woman’s closet. Wearing an abaya is part of a Muslim woman’s identity. It is one of the ways that they celebrate their femininity distinctly. Up until a few years ago, abayas only came in one design and in the color black. Now, there are many abayas in different styles and designs that you can add to your wardrobe collection. That’s because Muslim women wear abayas not just for religious reasons, but for fashionable expressions of themselves. Even non-Muslim women buying and wearing these traditional cloaks for their elegant, feminine, and comfortable feel.

The abaya is a popular topic of discussion today. In the past two months, Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman and senior cleric Sheikh Abdullah al-Mutlaq shared their progressive views on fashion. But fashion designers like Abu Dhabi-based designer Fatma Al Mosa states that they base their styles and cuts on the “cultural roots of the abaya”.

The abaya in high fashion

Earlier this year, modest fashion became part of the New York Fashion Week, with an abaya-only fashion show by Indonesian designer Vivi Zubedi as its centerpiece. They were worn with matching baseball caps and pearls.

Beautiful Abayas in Floral Designs

Abayas in floral designs are particularly beautiful, because of how timeless and feminine they look. Here are some beautiful abayas in floral designs for you to wear.

Floral Printed Viscose Abaya

This rayon/viscose blue button-down pinstripe abaya with large pink carnation prints is as bright and dainty as a slow summer day. The abaya suits new mothers well, as its button-down design helps make breastfeeding easier. It also has a collar, chest pockets, and a drawstring at the waistline. You can wear this abaya when you’re going out for tea, or to a fancy brunch.

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White Embroidered Black Abaya

If you are fan of subtle designs and neutral colors, then this black polyester kashibo abaya would be perfect for you. It has white lilies and gold stems embroidered on its left chest and near the hemline on the right. It’s a simple and elegant cloak that you can wear for dinner dates, semi-formal parties, and watching plays and musicals.

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Jnelle Abaya Floral Collection

Abayas in floral print designs
Credit for all photos: Euphoria

The Jnelle Abaya in satin silk comes in four colours, each exuding opulence and elegance. These cloaks have small floral prints on their sleeves and hemlines. All of the designs are maxi dresses in princess-cut and are fitting to wear for formal occasions like weddings. You can choose to get the Jnelle abaya in amber yellow, black, cinnamon and moss green. The floral prints on the cinnamon abaya are in a slightly different pink hue from the amber and moss green styles. The black abaya has black and grey floral prints. You can also buy this design in all colors for a more colorful and versatile collection of abayas.

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