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Best Abaya Dress to Wear for Different Occasions

One of the prettiest and stunning dresses a Muslimah can wear is an abaya dress. Abayas are not only pretty, but they are also extremely practical and look really nice on women of any age or size. They are often shaped like western gowns that make them suitable for almost any occasion. It is however recommended to check out the rules and regulations of a place before wearing an abaya. Read the rest of the article to find out more about the best abaya dress to wear for different occasions.

For instance, some places/institutes look down on bright and sharp colors. At such places, it is recommended to wear a simple, pastel or grey abaya instead of wearing something too bold or flashy. For instance, if you are supposed to visit a professional institute it is recommended to wear muted abayas.

Some Muslimah opt for western attire with hijab instead of the abaya. While western attire with hijab is a good look too, it does not mean that abaya dress is not convenient. While it is possible that the young women may find it difficult to handle at first, with some practice abaya dress can form an integral part of your closet. Western clothes such as trousers, shirts etc. lack the grace and regal aura that an abaya can offer. It is therefore recommended to wear abayas whenever you can.

Women often try to avoid an abaya dress because they do not know where they can find good quality abaya dresses for cheap prices. You can always try online shops where abayas in different designs, colors and fabrics are available in a large variety. You can also find decent abayas offline if you look properly.

It is recommended to avoid wearing a too heavy abaya in summer as the garment may become too heavy to handle. However, lightweight abayas are available which can be worn in summer. These are made of special fabrics that are breathable and comfortable. Do not worry; these fabrics are not transparent, yet you will never feel uncomfortable or too hot in them.

Abayas are elegant on their own, however, you can enhance their elegance by pairing them up with beautiful accessories. Many women prefer to pair abayas with extremely heavy jewelry, right from finger rings to hijab pins, many Muslimah women believe that the more you war with an abaya, the better it will look. This is untrue, as the latest and sort of permanent trend in the world of fashion is minimalism.

According to this trend, less is more. This means you should try to wear as little jewelry as possible. Do not overload yourself with jewelry. Of course, everyone loves to flaunt their jewels, however, you should flaunt them one by one. Pairing the right jewelry with the right outfit is an important aspect of the world of fashion. An accessory should always compliment your garment and not take over it. Similarly, your garment should not take over your accessory either. Try to find a balance between your clothes and your accessories.

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