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Muslimah women are truly blessed because they have a lot of options available as far as clothes are concerned. They look equally good in simple western garments as well as elegant Muslimah fashion. One thing that worries Muslimah a lot is the lack of variety that is available locally or offline. Not many shops and malls stock beautiful abaya inspired dresses. While one can easily find stunning western garments in stores, finding an abaya in malls is not easy. If you really want to showcase your heritage and want to flaunt your grace as well, there is no better dress than an abaya. Abayas are pretty, elegant and regal. They look beautiful in almost all settings and can be paired with many kinds of accessories as well as pullovers. Many Muslimah find it difficult to buy an abaya locally, for such women, abaya online shopping is a boon.

One can find many different kinds and varieties of abayas online. These abayas are often made with excellent fabrics by talented artists and are often cheaper than the ones available offline. You must try out certain websites that sell abayas and accentuate your wardrobe. Online shopping certainly makes life easy and you can shop from the comfort of your home while accessing a global collection of abayas. 

But what kinds of abayas should you buy when you do abaya online shopping? If you are unsure, that it is recommended to get at least the following colours and style to make your wardrobe complete.

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White Abaya

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A simple white abaya with subtle embroidery (or even plain) is one of the best garments that you can own. White is the color of peace, cleanliness and serenity. White abayas, whether with prints, embroidery, sequins, etc. always look good. They are suitable for most occasions and can be paired with almost any accessory. White abayas look the best when you contrast them with black or dark accessories such as bags, hijabs, hijab pins, etc. While white abayas look stunning, they can be difficult to handle, as they tend to get dirty quickly. This is a common problem for all white clothes. If you are careful you can wear a white abaya without any problem.

Black Abaya

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Like white abayas, a Muslimah must possess a black abaya. Black is a highly popular color in Muslimah fashion and it is possible that you may own a couple of black abayas already. If you don’t or even if you do, it is always a good choice to invest some money in a decent black abaya. You can either go for a plain abaya, or you can also buy an embroidered or printed abaya. Golden embroidered black abayas are not only stunning, but they look regal and full of panache. Every Muslimah must own a golden embroidered black abaya. These abayas can be worn at weddings, parties, functions, etc. You can also wear them to other occasions such as birthdays etc. Most of the time golden embroidered abayas look so rich and stunning you do not need to pair them with any jewelry at all. If you still want to pair them with some form of jewelry, it is recommended to restrict to one piece only.

Bold Colored Abaya

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An abaya in any bold color is a great asset. This abaya can be worn at parties, weddings, ceremonies, etc. These abayas not only look good, but they look elegant as well. Bold color is a broad term, and if you find yourself confused about which color to get, then don’t worry you can get any color that flatters you. For instance, if you believe you look good in scarlet and navy blue you can get a scarlet or navy blue abaya. While plain abayas look good, it is recommended to avoid plain, bold abayas, as they may look tacky. If you do own or want to buy a plain, bold abaya, always pair them with some simple pieces of jewelry or certain accessories that will complement as well as supplement the abaya perfectly.

Pastel Abaya

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A simple, pastel-colored abaya is a must have as well. These abayas are essential for professional events such as job interviews, university, classes, etc. These abayas are muted and can be worn for solemn events such as prayer meets and funerals as well.

While different e-commerce giants do sell abaya and related clothes, they do not have a lot of variety. A custom website that caters to Muslim women only will really help you make good choices. Abaya online shopping is definitely one of the best ways to keep your wardrobe updated and refreshed.

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