Things to Consider Before Buying Any Kaftan Abaya For Sale

Abayas are some of the most beautiful dresses that a Muslimah can wear, even if she bought the abaya for sale. They are bold, beautiful and elegant all at the same time. They look regal and royal if paired with the right accessories, and they can also look delicate and subtle if worn appropriately, even if you got the abaya for sale. There are many different varieties of abayas available in the market. Abayas are available in different colors, different styles, many different kinds of embroideries, prints, patterns, cuts, fabrics, etc. While it is impossible to list all the different kinds of abayas and styles here, it is easy to see why abayas are considered to be the epitome of fashion for Muslim women. Kaftan abaya, i.e., abayas that have kaftan like graceful sleeves are an excellent option for almost all occasions. These abayas not only look good, but they are easy to manage and wear as well. Kaftan sleeves make abayas look even more smart, graceful and elegant.

Abayas, including abaya for sale, are generally designed like western gowns, however with full sleeves. The kaftan sleeves lend regular abayas an aura of couture and high fashion. Kaftan sleeves make regular abayas look more eastern and almost like a cloak. Inspired by the simple style of a traditional kaftan along with the modern twist of a kimono makes the kaftan abaya a brilliant garment. If you are looking for kaftan abaya for sale, you can find them in offline stores as well as online sites. It is always recommended to check the quality of your dress before buying an abaya. You should check for the quality of the fabric, the color, the print and the embroidery (if any) before buying a kaftan abaya for sale. It is recommended to check whether the color suits your skin tone or complexion, and whether the fitting of the dress suits your body type or not.

Kaftan abaya for sale, if worn properly, can make you look tall and slender. The sleeves take away attention from your problem areas and you end up looking more beautiful. Abayas are versatile and can be worn for almost all occasions; however, kaftan abayas should not be worn professionally. Kaftan sleeves do not look good in professional settings such as interviews, business meetings, etc. Kaftan sleeves lend an elegant but casual look to the abaya. This makes kaftan abaya suitable for all occasions except professional. For instance, you can wear a kaftan abaya for sale to parties, weddings, funerals, birthdays, prayer meets, etc. Just focus on the color, print and embroidery while making your choice.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you devise your wardrobe.

Criss Cross Accent Abaya

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Look for a kaftan abaya for sale that has a bold, plain cerulean shade so that the color will shines and look stunning. What makes this kind of kaftan abaya standout is its sleeve. The delicate, well-tailored kaftan sleeves lend this abaya a sense of reality and elegance. This abaya, thanks to its cerulean color are suitable for almost all the occasions. What takes this abaya to the next level is the simple, geometric, embroidery done at pressure points. Beautiful web-like embroidery is done in stunning thread and it covers the neck and bust of the dress. This enhances the overall look of the abaya and makes it pretty. This abaya can be paired with many different kinds of accessories including jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. Peep toes, ballerina flats, wellingtons, oxfords, etc. all kinds of shoes will look good with this abaya. This abaya can be paired with simple, chunky leather bags or tiny but elegant clutches as well. Adorn your fingers with a statement ring or a set of thin bands to take this look to the next level.
The kaftan sleeves are good for women who love to display their bracelets and/or watch. Wear a bold watch or a delicate set of bangles to complement this look. You can also wear a bold, heavy bracelet to make this look pop. It is recommended to wear a gold bracelet, bejeweled with diamonds. If you paint your nails, a simple pale blue or pale gold color will really accentuate this look and will make your fingers look thin, long and slender.

Golden Front Open Button Jilbab

golden open button abaya for sale

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Another beautiful dress with kaftan sleeves available on the site above is the golden front open button jilbab. Jilbabs are perhaps the most regal and heavy dress that a Muslimah woman can wear. Jilbabs are often costly and therefore women do not own a lot of jilbabs. However, it is recommended to get a jilbab with kaftan like sleeves as it takes the garment to a whole other level. This beautiful gold and scarlet jilbab will make you look like a vision. Paired with appropriate accessories and hijab it will make this already stunning dress even more attractive. A simple makeup with bold lipstick will take this look to another level.

The kaftan sleeves of this dress are great for women who love to flaunt their wrists. Try to wear accessories featuring gold, diamonds and rubies, as these accessories will look really good with this dress. If you are a risk-taker you may even go for turquoise or sapphires to provide a good contrast with the dress.
This jilbab is heavy, rich and looks expensive and should be worn on occasions where opulence is required. Avoid wearing it to somber events or you will end up looking tacky. This jilbab can be paired with almost any kind of shoes; however, it is recommended to stick to oxfords or ballerina flats. These shoes will not take away any focus from the dress. Jilbabs can be quite heavy and thus difficult to manage, if you wear heels, you might trip or fall down. Even if you don’t you will have to take immense care while walking. To avoid this, it is recommended to wear flats only.

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