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How to Style Your Abaya

Every time you hear the word abaya, the first thing that probably comes to mind is that plain dress in black color. But, for the Muslims, the significance of abaya goes beyond simple clothing and fashion. For starters, abaya is not necessarily a dress per se. Instead, it is a concept that combines femininity, functionality, delicateness, and modesty all into one place. Hence, you need to be aware about how to style your abaya.

However, shopping for the right abaya dress that will make you stay comfy, modest, and stylish at the same time might be a bit tricky. After all, your options might be a limited in terms of style. To help you out, this short guide can give you some tips on how to style your abaya dress to ensure that you are comfortable, fashionable, and modest all the same time.

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Complete the Look with a Belt
One of the fastest and easiest ways of adding a touch of uniqueness to your plain abaya dress is by adding a belt. A good belt can give your dull abaya dress an instant makeover. Make sure you choose a belt that stands out like a shiny metallic belt or even a colored one if you dare.

Wear It Over Your Trousers
An abaya dress can also be worn over trousers. This is a great option especially if you need to run from place to place and you need to be comfortable but still look modest. Once matched with the right colors, you don’t have to worry about modesty and comfort because you can nail both of them at the same time.

Wear It Over a Neutral Dress for a Girl’s Night Out
If you will be going on an all girl’s night out, you can wear your abaya dress over your neutral dress for you to achieve that perfect look. You can be more chic by choosing an abaya in the color that you love then pair this with a neutral shirt and simple pair of trousers. You can finish off your ensemble with a statement necklace so you can be ready to go out and party all night.

Pick the Right Fabric for Your Abaya Dress
The fabric of your chosen abaya dress can make a big difference to your style. Fabrics such as silk and chiffon are your best options here due to their flow-y nature.

Go for Vibrant Designs
Whether you are buying a readymade abaya dress or you want to design your own, try to go for vibrant designs that can make you look more stunning. It is recommended to keep your abaya loose to allow the air to flow and create that ideal waterfall look.

Pair with a Simple Dress for an Evening Party
You can pair your beautifully embellished abaya with a simple dress to create the perfect ensemble for an evening party.

Gone are the days when your abaya dress just needs to look plain and dull. With just a few tweaks and changes here and there, you can easily transform and style your abaya dress into a chic and fashionable outfit that will surely turn heads. Check out the recommendations by our very own HijabDressUp by clicking the button below, for a wide array of abaya dresses to suit all your needs!

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