Hello There!

Welcome to HijabDressUp. My name is Mohamad Latiff and I initially started HijabDressUp with my wife, Muniz Ali in 2012, based in Thailand and Singapore. In 2017, my other business partner, Mohammad, joined us to expand and enhance business operations. 

What it’s all about.

We offer hijabs, abayas, maxi dresses, shawls and other products catered for the Muslim women’s market. We have since served over 3,000 customers worldwide, in countries such as Thailand, Singapore, USA, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Malaysia, UK, Maldives, France, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Canada and more.

Our aim is to empower women in general and Muslim women in particular with products and services that will enrich their lives.

There will be more focused fashion wear in the near future, so check back often with us to grab them before they are sold out!

Need any bulk/wholesale orders? 

If you need any bulk/wholesale orders, hit us up and let us know us. We’ll attend to your queries and requests as soon as possible.