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Ramadan Fashion Tips for Muslimahs

Ramadan is one of the most important annual events in a Muslim woman’s life. The holy month is when Muslims fast while reflecting deeply on their faith. This is also the time they bond with family and loved ones.

As a Muslim woman, you don’t have to sacrifice looking fashionable and chic during the holy month. In fact, putting together new looks for Ramadan is common among Muslim women. The preparation period even takes weeks or months before Ramadan commences. Because you’ll be ending each day with an iftar dinner gathering, you’ll need to look beautiful and dazzling every single time. Here are some Ramadan fashion tips on how you look modest, culturally respectful, and trendy at the same time.

Ramadan Fashion for Muslimahs

Adorn your hijabs.

Adorning your hijab with a hair accessory is a fairly common, yet still a nice type of Ramadan fashion. You can wear your hijab with a flower crown or tiaras with jewels. The type of hair accessory you’ll use would depend on your personality.

Wear an open kaftan.

Abayas and kaftans are staples in any Muslim woman’s closet, especially those from the Middle East. You can create a practical yet fashionable Ramadan fashion look by layering an abaya and a kaftan together. You can mix and match what you have in your wardrobe to create something new.

Experiment with layers.

If kaftans are not your thing, then you can use other pieces of wardrobe to complement your abaya. Try wearing a stylish ruffled or printed tunic with sandals in nude colors to exude cosmopolitan sophistication. Wear a bomber or denim jacket and wear sparkly heels if you’d like to look more street yet still chic. You can layer one of these cover-ups over a white shirt and jeans and you’ll still look fashionable.

Wear a flowy dress with matching accessories.

Wearing a flowy long-sleeved dress is a great alternative to the abaya because it looks elegant, grand and festive. According to Muslim fashion blogger sassymamadubai, a flowy dress is reminiscent of a time when “demure and modest dressing” were “all the rage”. You can also wear a wide range of accessories with flowy dresses, depending on their fabric and color. Jewel or tassel earrings go well with jewel-colored dresses. Pearl earrings and brooches look proper with dresses in neutral colors. Crochet or fabric earrings look best with dresses in tropical or pastel colors.

Pay homage to other Muslim fashion cultures.

There is no single Ramadan fashion dress code. Muslim men and women from different countries and cultures wear varied outfits during the holy month. It would be nice to switch your wardrobe, maybe at least once during Ramadan. It’s a great way to show solidarity with your Muslim sisters globally. Some pieces you could include in your wardrobe collection are Middle Eastern kaftans, Bangladeshi sarees, abayas in Indonesian batik, and Filipino malongs.

You can look extra-fashionable during Ramadan. But remember, the best things you will wear during this season are humility and love for others.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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