Refreshingly Pretty Abaya Online for Muslimahs

Abayas are some of the prettiest and most refreshing dresses that a Muslimah can wear. Abaya is regal, elegant and looks rich. It is also extremely comfortable and if paired with the right accessories can look chic. Many women are always on the lookout to buy new and exciting abayas, however, most of them avoid buying them because they are often costly. The designs available locally are often bland and not exciting. For such women of the hijab, online shopping can come as divine intervention. Buying pretty abaya online is a great option for women who are busy throughout the day but still want to look pretty. Online websites have a lot of variety and color options and you can buy one to suit your needs accordingly. Here are some abayas that will make you look elegant, glamorous yet modest at the same time.

Designer Laced Sequin Embroidered Abaya

Most modern women find the concept of abaya daunting, as it may get too heavy for public transports etc. Some women also find it cumbersome and do not want to carry it around while working. For such women, the designer laced sequin embroidered abaya is a great option. While it is not difficult to find pretty abaya online, many people find it rather worrisome to find laced abayas suitable for their taste. This beige abaya, however, is suitable for everyone. It looks classy and is perfectly suitable for travel and day-to-day jobs thanks to its lightweight and easy to maneuver cutting. But don’t worry; it still looks chic and stunning thanks to the minimalistic detailing on the edges done in white. The embroidery design makes this, otherwise plain abaya really glamorous. Pair it with simple diamond jewelry for a pretty look. The best part of this abaya is it can be pair with many hijabs. Hijabs will protect your modesty and hair and is easy to handle. Remember, you do not need to forgo fashion for comfort and vice versa and this abaya is the living proof of this fact.

Printed Paneled Abaya

This abaya will help you break the monotony of black in your closet. A beautiful garment with elegant sleeves, this abaya is excellent for day-to-day events as well as special parties. The sleeves will really accentuate your style and will let the world know that you understand fashion thoroughly. The flowy nature of this dress will look excellent with any hijab. A delicate geometric, crisscross pattern down the front and cuffs make this dress look elegant yet bold. The design has been done in a beautiful shade that compliments the color of the dress perfectly. Pair it with a charcoal hijab or an off-white hijab to complete the look. You can also wear simple rings and a necklace to make the look pop. A small clutch in the cerulean family will compliment the dress nicely. If you are a college student, pair it with an off-shoulder leather sack or a large brown bag to carry your books and belongings. While this dress will look the best with medium heels, if you are a risk-taker you may pair it with white sneakers to make it pop and look more modern.

Embroidered Outwear Abaya

This beautiful garment that is fit for queens. This abaya will really add that regal touch to your wardrobe. Suitable for night events, you may wear this abaya for day events too if you want to be the center of attention. The intricate embroidery detailing done in perfect on the elegant purple fabric looks royal. The flashy sides add a touch of elegance as well. You can pair this with simple golden accessories or a large diamond ring. Carry a small gold clutch with some crimson detailing to make this look pop even more. A simple peach or light brown hijab with tiny crimson detailing will make this look complete. Short women can pair this look with crimson pumps to look tall. The sleeves are great if you like showing off your bangles and bracelets. Keep your makeup simple but do add some gold and crimson color to your oeuvre. For a slightly muted look, you may also pair it with peach shoes.

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Plaid Navy Lycra Hijab

Navy blue and white is a color combination that you can never go wrong with. It looks bold, stunning and eye-catching. While not an abaya, the plaid navy lycra hijab is beautiful yet striking at the same time. This hijab has a delicate design and it will look good with any abaya. A simple abaya paired with this hijab will suit a modern woman of any age. Pair it with simple bangles and a gold finger band and you will be ready for any party. As the hijab is striking, keep your makeup simple and add a lot of peach shades to it. You can easily find this type of hijab when you shop for pretty abaya online.

Online Accessories

While many kinds of pretty abaya online are available, you can take your look to the next level by accessorizing them with some beautiful jewelry or bags. It is quite easy to find good quality and affordable accessories online. If you plan to wear a heavily embroidered or a bold colored abaya, then it is recommended to go slightly subtle on the accessories. Too much is always bad. If your abaya is too heavy, always accompany it with a medium sized bag containing tissues and other related paraphernalia. This will help you keep your makeup in good condition. Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry while wearing an abaya or you may end up looking tacky and unprofessional. It is always better to use simple jewelry or a couple of statement pieces instead of wearing too many items at once.

The four best accessories that you can use to make a simple abaya look dressy are belts, long pearl necklaces, statement accessories like bracelets or rings and brooches. Use a belt to cinch the abaya at the waist to make it look dressy. Add some glamor to your outfit with a statement ring or brooch. The options are unlimited and you can accessorize it any way that you want.

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