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The Season of Flowers: Floral Abaya & Burkini

As Chaucer has said, April is the sweetest month, and sweet it indeed is as April and its sister March are the months’ spring in many regions of the world. Spring is the harbinger of beauty, grace and rejuvenation. While all seasons are lovely, this one deserves a special mention as it is the season of joy and merry. Everywhere you look you will see pretty, delicate and enchanting flowers. It is the season of colors where everywhere you turn you will experience an explosion of color and laughter. When trees and plants have adorned themselves with colors, it is obvious that you would want to do the same. Thankfully here is a list of beautiful floral abaya dress and burkini with motifs that will take you back to nature and let you enjoy the beauty with grace.

Jnelle Cinnamon Abaya

Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

A delicate, muted abaya that will make you like fresh cherry blossoms blooming in a wintery wonderland, the Jnelle Cinnamon Abaya is pretty, subtle and yet full of fresh floral motif that will look stunning with almost anything. For simpler occasions pair it with a pastel clutch and small rings and you will look not only classy but elegant as well. For a more festive look, pair it with a heavy and large clutch, preferably in bold, flat colors like black or maroon. You may also pair it with a nice statement ring or thin bracelets. A delicate, floral hijab pin will enhance the overall look of the abaya.

Jnelle Amber Yellow Abaya

Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

Spring is the season of brightness and joy. The sun looks extremely pretty in this season and shines brightly over everything. Jnelle Amber Yellow Abaya can help you look bright and pretty like the sun. It is a stunning contrast of bright yellow, silk-like hijab with beautiful pastel white abaya covered with delicate blossoms. The flowers on this abaya are dual colored and the combination of peach with subtle yellow looks enchanting. This abaya is great for morning celebrations and will look stunning in a park or beach setting. Pair it with a muted floppy hat or a small, peach/white umbrella to complete the look. A simple round ring will take this look to the next level.

Jnelle Moss Green Abaya

Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

Spring is the season of flowers and trees and plants are often loaded with them. Some plants bloom so profusely that the flowers soon take over the leaves. If you love the color green and want to introduce some in your wardrobe, this abaya is the best option. Once again a mixture of bold and subtle colors, this abaya has a beautiful floral motif like the one above, albeit in different colors. A simple yet elegant combination of green with peach and golden yellow, this abaya can work in any setting. The muted peach hijab can be paired with straw hats to protect your skin from the sun.

Jnelle Black Abaya

Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

While people love to go out in the spring mornings to enjoy the fresh blossoms, one cannot ignore the night events as well. While fresh floral prints look great during the day, they are not suitable for night events. But if you love flowers and want to wear them in the evening as well, then this abaya is the best option for you. A stark contrast of black and white bedazzled with dark grey flowers, this abaya is not elegant but look rich and stylish. A simple monochromatic tone adds to the panache and style factor of this abaya. To take this look to the next level you may pair it with simple gold jewelry or a small bag. A simple diamond or crystal hijab pin will do wonders as well. Keep your makeup simple and avoid rosy or bluish tones, try to keep it on the brown side while wearing this abaya.

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Spring is a great season for beach and pool parties. It is a wonderful season to enjoy sun-kissed food and along with fresh, tropical drinks. A burkini is the perfect swimsuit option if you are looking for something modest while making it possible to go for a quick dip. Not only are burkinis comfortable, they can be quite fashionable too. If you want to wear something floral and nature-inspired to such parties, here are some brilliant options.

Tropical Print Tie Waist Swimwear Burkini

Photo Credit: EastEssence

This burkini is available in two fresh and enchanting colors that will accentuate your beauty while protecting you from the sun and keeping your modesty safe. Available in bold yet pretty colors- scarlet and navy blue, these burkinis will really make your wardrobe pop. With minimalistic floral motifs around the shoulders and torso in many different colors, this burkini is good for beaches as well as private pool parties. Pair it with a simple, large pair of sunglasses and with a tall glass of some fruit juice or lemonade and you will ready for any beach party in the world. You can also pair it with a good, large straw hat to add that extra layer of panache as well as protection.

Costa Rica Print Tie Swimwear Burkini

Photo Credit: EastEssence

Another really pretty burkini that will make you pop. A delicate combination of subtle grey and bold and beautiful tropical flowers, this burkini is a must have for the modern Muslimah. The large and colorful flowers on a bright background of navy blue really add a touch of finesse and elegance to this burkini. Pair it with a pair of sunglasses and some bold flip-flops and you will be ready for any kind of beach or pool party. Add a straw hat to take the look to the next level. A dark green or navy blue pair of flip-flops will go really well with this look.


You can accessorize almost all spring looks with real or artificial flowers. Either use these flowers as headgear or wear them on your wrists like natural bracelets. Real flowers will really help you connect with spring and you will look like the queen of the flowers.

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