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Suitable Stylish Abaya For Different Events 

There is hardly anyone in this world who does not like to dress up. Every woman, whether Muslimah or not, wants to dress up, look good and of course feel good. However, not many women know what to wear, how to wear and when to wear. Many women often wear the most inappropriate clothes to the most inappropriate events or places. For instance, no one should ever wear a heavily embroidered abaya to a job interview or a simple and unclean burqa to a party. Both of these will look hideous and unappealing. Women should learn what to wear and when to wear if they want to impress people. Many women also struggle to find clothes that suit them and look good on their body. If you are a Muslimah who is struggling to find a decent stylish abaya, then you must check out some abaya online websites where you can find good quality and cheap abaya for sale. These abaya for sale are made of good material and look really good as well.

Every Muslimah must own at least 3-4 types of stylish abaya, a few hijabs, some burqas and a couple of niqabs along with western clothes and other traditional clothes. These traditional clothes will make a woman’s closet complete. Without these clothes, any woman’s wardrobe will be lacking and she will not be able to dress for various occasions in a proper manner.

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For instance, if a Muslimah wants to attend a religious function or a wedding, she cannot simply wear some western garment like jeans and top and tie a hijab around her head and call it a day. Not only will this look rude but it will also lead to people thinking that the woman does not have a decent sense of style or lacks refined taste. A Muslimah must wear a good quality jilbab or a stylish abaya to such occasions.

These dresses should be paired with good quality and beautiful accessories as well. Without these accessories, your look will not look complete. For instance, if you are supposed to attend a wedding, you should wear a nice jilbab and pair it with some simple gold or diamond jewelry. If you do not own precious jewelry, you can also pair your clothes with decent looking artificial jewelry. Never wear extremely heavy jewelry unless you are the bride! Extremely heavy jewelry is an outdated fad that nowadays looks tacky and unpleasant. This is the age of minimalism where less is more and more is tacky. So, wear less and look good. A great way to make any outfit look dressy is by applying some makeup. A quick winged eyeliner, some kohl along with a bold red lipstick will certainly make a simple outfit look dressy.

While painting nails is not recommended, some Muslimah do use nail polish, if you are one of these women, do not use flashy or tacky colors. Neutral colored tones look the best; however, you may also try red and related shades. It is recommended to avoid wearing nail color while attending a religious meet lest you offend someone.

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