Muslim fashion
Muslim Fashion

Ultimate Guide To Pick the Perfect Muslim Fashion That Suits Your Body Type

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Contrary to popular belief, it is actually easy to find and shop for everyday Muslim fashion outfits that look modern, chic, and suit you well. As long as you know and consider your body type, you can be sure to land on the best Muslim fashion outfit for you.

#1. Muslim Outfits for Rectangle Body Shape

The best thing about having a rectangle body shape is that it is not too tricky to style. With a few tricks and tips, you can style your Muslim fashion outfits better. Choose dresses, skirts, and pants with detailing at the lower portion such as pleats, ruffles, and others. To give more dimensions to your body, you can use wide belts to define your waist or opt for a blouse with puffy sleeves or ruffled shoulders. Stay away from plain maxi dresses with no details.

#2. Muslim Outfits for Pear Body Shape

Pear body shape is thinner at the upper portion of the body and fuller at the lower part. These people don’t have wide shoulders but are curvy at the bottom. You have two options when it comes to tops. You can go for ruffled and layered tops or opt for pattern-free tops with bright colors to make your upper body look wider. This lets you achieve more balance in your outfits between your lower and upper body. It is also flattering to choose high waisted Charleston trousers or wide pants. They are modern and perfect for modest wear.

Avoid dresses or skirts with bottoms that are too loose to prevent breaking of the balance between the shoulders and hips. No matter what piece you wear, whether pants, skirts, or dresses, make it a point that that waist is high and right on top of your actual midline. This is especially if your goal is to make your lower body look longer.

#3. Muslim Outfits for Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass body shape has curvy hips, thin waist, and broad shoulders. There are a few tips to help you style your Muslim fashion outfits and make them appear balanced and modest at the same time. Wear dark colored fitted pants and pair them with a long shirt to achieve a balanced outfit. The shirt must be a bit loose to make it look flattering without being too oversized to ensure that your upper body won’t seem too broad. You can also use an elegant belt to accentuate your small waist.

Choose dresses that will define your waist and are open wider at the bottom and loose on top. This will create a flattering and balanced look. You can also further balance the shoulder width by opting for a dress with V-neckline. Wide skirts defined at the waist are flattering for this body shape. You can pair them with a plain and simple shirt and avoid patterns.

These are just a few tips and tricks for you to achieve flattering and stylish hijab outfits. But remember that no matter what your body shape might be, you will always be unique and beautiful.

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