How To Wear Accessories To Complement your Abaya Clothes

It is always advisable to strike a balance between your abaya dress and your accessories. For instance, if you plan to wear a heavy abaya or a bold abaya of colors such as magenta, maroon or scarlet, it is advised to avoid wearing heavy jewelry. Instead, compliment it with some fine and simple pieces. If your abaya is on the simpler side and you want to make it look more glamorous, compliment it with statement rings and slightly heavy jewelry. This will create a perfectly balanced look where your outfit and jewelry both will complement as well as supplement each other.

Not all abayas have pockets so it is necessary to carry a bag while wearing an abaya. Bags can be of any size and material; however, it is necessary to check whether the bag you plan to carry complements your abaya and the occasion or not. For instance, it is not recommended to carry huge bags to a night event. If you are a young Muslimah, it is recommended to get a large bag that can hold your educational supplies while attending classes. You can also carry extra tissues, makeup, etc. in this bag. For night events and events in which you are planning to wear heavier abayas, it is recommended to carry some good, small clutches. Clutches go really well with any kind of abaya. Investing in a few bold colored clutches is highly recommended if you plan to wear abayas regularly. Messenger bags look good with abayas, especially if you are a student. For others, a simple one-shoulder pseudo-leather bag will do wonders. Try to get a few embroidered purses, as they look excellent with embroidered abayas.

While you can pair almost any kind of shoes with abayas, it is highly recommended to wear high or moderate high heels. This will enhance your posture and the abaya will look even better. Open toed shoes, pumps and lace-ups look good with abayas. You can also try Chelsea boots with abayas. This look will look great on students. Unless you are comfortable with stilettos, do not wear them with abayas. Abayas tend to have a flowy structure, which may make it too difficult to walk in stilettos. If you are not comfortable with heels at all you may also pair abayas with ballerina shoes. These flats are delicate and will complement the billowy nature of the garment perfectly. For a casual look, you can pair an abaya with flat strappy sandals like thongs or even pointed shoes. For a laid-back look, you can pair the abaya with a pair of white sneakers and you are good to go! Play around with different shoes according to the occasion and select something that you are comfortable with.

Abayas and makeup can go hand in hand however this rarely happens. This is because of the old habit of being over the top. Instead of applying a lot of makeup, try using subtle shades such as peach and light brown to accentuate your natural features. Line your waterline if you plan to wear an abaya at night.

Abayas can be accessorized with stoles, shawls, afghans, etc. These pullovers will add a touch of panache to your look. A simple scarf can also accentuate the elegance of your abaya clothes.

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